Protect Your Assets and Avoid Fines By Having Your Fire Alarm System Properly Inspected

The Saratogian is reporting (Tuesday May 24, 2011 “Restructuring Paying Off”) ( that the City of Saratoga Springs is stepping up enforcement of fire alarm system inspections and is levying fines for violations.  The article says they are on a pace to double last year’s inspection revenue and have already cited 543 violations in 2011 compared to a total of 792 for all of 2010.

In these difficult financial times with lower property values and loss of aid from the state and federal governments, many municipalities are looking for sources of revenue and usually find them in fees, fines and new taxes.  Fire alarm inspections have been required by NYS law for many years, however enforcement has been lax.  Since there has been a lack of enforcement, many building managers and business owners have not made it a priority and probably are not sure when their last inspection was and if their system is up to code.

This is where we can help; we are a fire alarm company that is licensed by NYS to perform fire alarm installations, repairs and inspections.  Most importantly, we can inspect your system to ensure it is in working order, protecting your people and assets, provide you with documentation of the test and inform you of any violations.  We can also repair the violations before the city fines you for them.

If you would like to schedule an inspection of your system or get more information on our products and services, you can email us at ,call us at (518) 587-9879 or visit us on the web at


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