You’ve been touched

Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce employees Kathleen Lucey, Sue Rowland, Todd Shimkus and Greg Dixon (who also serves on the Board of Directors of the Saratoga Springs History Museum) were among the 300 people to attend a special premier of the Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters, on Wednesday, October 13th, at the Canfield Casino, in Congress Park, in Saratoga Springs. NY. Earlier this year, the Ghost Hunters secretly visited with museum officials and volunteers to investigate certain unexplainable experiences that had taken place in the Museum over the years. The crowd cheered both at the start of the show at the first mention of beautiful Saratoga Springs and at the end of a very entertaining segment on the Museum.

Here’s what is written on the Ghost Hunters website about this program:

“Big news! Wait. Not big news. HUGE NEWS! Steve and Tango are BAAAAACK!!!! Ghost Hunters Academy was fun, but they’re investigators at heart and it’s great to see them back in action.

Later on the team travels to Canfield Casino, built in 1870, in Saratoga New York. In the high stakes room, people have seen the roulette table spinning on its own, a man sighted an apparition of a dress moving up the stairs. In the office, a person had an actual verbal interaction with a man in Victorian garb. And once, the candelabra crystals clinked together with no explanation.

Team leaders Jay and Grant launch the night on the top floor. They experience spiking EMF levels and they BOTH heard what sounded like a man and a woman talking. Then something STOMPED on the floor — like a MINI EARTHQUAKE. So Steve and Dave take a turn in the area to see if they can hear those same noises. They get slightly distracted by the frilly clothing on display, but are called back to attention by chimes. Steve gets all annoyed at Tango for tapping him. BUT!!! Tango didn’t even go NEAR Steve. So…who did it? The touchy-feely spirits later go on to make Kris think that something grabbed her hair!

The reveal presents evidence of all the personal experiences — all on the third floor. Overall, two solid investigations and a triumphant return for Tango and Steve!”

To learn more or to watch this program, please click here.

About Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce has more than 2,800 members throughout our exceptionally beautiful and historic County. The Chamber hosts and leads a wide range of programs of benefit to our members. We're also a vocal advocate in support of public policies at the local, county, state and federal level that will expand economic opportunity throughout our region.
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